River Time Brewing

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Welcome to River Time Brewing!

We are a small-batch brewery located in wonderful Darrington, WA on the bank of the majestic Sauk river.

Our objective is to provide a family-friendly atmosphere with fantastic beers, complementing the wonderful outdoor lifestyle that is Darrington and our Baker National Forest. 

Please feel free to visit our Facebook page which looks so much prettier than this site and has the latest info on hours, beers, and lots of lovely pictures.

Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you soon!

Your Brewmeisters, Troy and Lon

The River Time brewery is open Saturday and Sunday from 12:00-Whenever. If you see us there and the Open sign isn't up, stop by and we'll be happy to serve you a tasty beer!

If you are planning on staying a while, bring some food. We are happy to fire up a grill for you!

Check the Facebook posting to see if we will be open of course, or give us a ring at 26-RIVER-411 [(267) 483-7411]

25909 Clear Creek Rd